ep Physics Working Group


Thursday, December 11, 2008 – building 70, room 191


13:30-14:00  T. Horn           Update on simulations of exclusive meson production

14:00-14:30  J. Seele         Quark helicity distributions from SIDIS

14:30-15:00  X. Jiang         Enhanced strangeness sensitivity in semi-inclusive

phi production (canceled)


15:30-16:00  Break / Open Discussion (refreshments served)


16:00-16:30  J. Qiu:             Single transverse spin asymmetry in semi-inclusive D

meson production

16:30-17:00  M. Strikman   Diffraction in ep at low and intermediate t

17:00-17:30  M. Diehl         Physics in semi-inclusive hadron production at

high pT

17:30-18:00                          Discussion